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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Day 19--Thankful for 3 Day Cheerleaders

The 3 Day is an amazing experience...for three days, you are truly treated as a rockstar. Everyone appreciates your efforts for the Cure and there is a special camaraderie between the walkers and their fans (the cheerleaders).

The cheerleaders work almost as hard as the walkers...driving from location to location, blaring upbeat music, handing out candies, cookies and occasionally, "adult" beverages.

The men cheerleaders are expecially welcome. Pretty much if you are a guy on the course or besides it, you are going to get fawned over and adored by the walkers. After 60 miles, any man in pink looks freakin' HAWT ;0)

The lady cheerleaders are just as welcome. You start to look for your "favorite" ones, take pictures of THEM and with them and talk about them in the months following, wondering if you'll see them again the next year.

It gets a tad bit raunchy but it's all in good hearted fun.

Quite possibly, the San Jose and San Diego cops who escort the walkers on bikes through out the whole city are the favorites of the walkers. They are hot, fun, crazy, very hot, and did I mention extremely HOT?! LOL

The year I cheered, I went all out the final day to get their attention. It made me laugh. Made them laugh. Made the walkers laugh and cheer. That's what it's all about.

My hat is off to you cheerleaders that are down on the course this year. Those walkers couldn't keep going without you!

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