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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Octavia the Octopus

My last class project was a small stuffed animal, an octopus to be exact. I wasn't sure I'd be into making a stuffed animal but it was quite fun. Plus, I need some experience with piecing parts together to get ready to finish the Bella scarf (yes, it is still not done!). To give credit where credit is due, the pattern comes from AuntyNicky at Haun'Knitit.

In making the tentacles, you cast on 50 and knit the stitch in the BACK. This was new to me but easy enough.

On the way back, you knit the first 30 and then knit 2tog the rest of the way. This makes the tentacles curl.

The body was easy enough. Lots of knitting two together to decrease after you make the bulk of the body. Then you sew the seam, sew a kind of drawstring on the bottom, stuff it and then pull it closed. I sewed my tentacles on before I stuffed it. I also added button eyes and picked up a few stitches on the top to make an Icord so she can dangle if she wants to.

Of course, Phat cat "had" to help me. And then, viola, Octavia was done! She's somewhat asymetrical but I am happy with my first stuffed animal attempt!


  1. That turned out really really cute Jenn! Emma was just asking me about that Bella scarf you had posted about, wondering if you had finished it and posted pics but we had somehow missed the update - now I can give her the scoop!

  2. Cute! Did you mean to capture your own reflection in that second picture? So existential! haha.