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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Day 8 Thankful for a Good Man

On my first date with SPW, we went to Old Town Temecula and went antiquing and craft store shopping. He went willingly. That alone ensured him a 2nd date, lol. We went out more but timing was bad and I broke things off. Six weeks later I was having a lousy day. Just stupid things I'd done had caught up with me and I was trying to make some phone calls to work things out. I dialed his number trying to call someone else and didn't leave a message when I got his voice mail. But he called me back. We talked on my lunch break and I admitted how dumb I'd been. At the end of the call, he still asked me out. And that's when I realized that he liked me for who I was. I'm always worried about what I'm doing or not doing, so that expression of interest in a time where any other guy would have wished me the best and gone on my way, spoke volumes. The 100 miles between us is still the challenge it was this summer but I realize that it is worth it.

Last night I got some texts from a guy I used to date casually. He's nice enough but it made me realize how fortunate I am to have a really good man in my life. There are lots of guys out there looking for a date. SPW is honestly looking for a relationship. Sadly, he doesn't feel so fondly about my cats as he does me. BUT, I figure I have to have someone in my life who keeps me from being the crazy cat lady!

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