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Passionate for the Cure!

One out of eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in here lifetime.
My Aunt Jil was one of those women, who bravely fought breast cancer twice and lost her battle on 8-8-08.
Pictured above in green, in the center...she was truly the center of our lives. Our family goes on, but it's just not quite the same.
Early 2008, when I realized she didn't have much time left, I decided to walk in the San Diego Three Day for the Cure. A very good friend joined me and my life was changed forever. It was such a moving experience. Months of training fundraising were well worth the effort.

In 2009, we founded "Team Jil" in my Aunt's honor. Along with a group of girlfriends, we first walked the Race for the Cure in green--Aunt Jil's signature color.

Walking as a means of raising money and awareness of breast cancer became my passion.

Team Jil also conquered the Three Day in 2009 .

2010 had it's challenges, personally, so I opted to go out to the course and cheer. I can't say it was ALL about the walkers...I got a little crazy but it made for a good time for all!

Not a week goes by that I don't think of or miss my Aunt...and green always reminds me of her.She was tough. She was strong. She was brave. She earned her Ph.D when working full time and taking classes at night...first college, then master's, then post doctoral work. She was the picture of "tenacity."

Team Jil will reunited and walk at the Race for the Cure on 11/6/11. We are, of course, going green :0)

As I mentioned before, my aunt fought breast cancer twice. It was her being proactive about her health that led to the discovery of breast cancer the first time. She had a lump biopsied and even though it came back as benign, she insisted that it be removed. It was then that they found the cancer cells that the biopsy needle had missed. 
In 2007, I had a small bump on my left breast removed that the doctor insisted was just a cyst. It was in fact, a benign tumor. It was random that it developed in my breast but it reminded me of the lesson that my aunt lived. Know your body. Protect your breasts by checking them regularly. Insist when you know you know better than your doctor. And use your life to make a difference in those you love.