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My ability to draw pretty much peaked in the first grade. I can draw stick figures and doodle some pretty looking flowers, but that is about it. (Insert a sigh here.) Because of this, I spent the decade or so  of my life believing I wasn't creative. I still tried every craft that came my way (macrame, ceramics, needle point, cross stitch, rubber stamping...get the point?!) but I didn't really settle into one for long before I'd get distracted or discouraged. Rubber stamping probably stuck the longest, only because while I can't draw, I can color (inside the lines, when I feel like it!). It wasn't until an Art 100 class at the community college when I realized that there was more to "art"  than just drawing. The teacher had us dabble in all sorts of artistic mediums and I created some beautiful collages. I was also taking an Early Childhood art class at the same time, and it was at that time in my life, I realized the difference between following a preset pattern and the art of design. Maybe I couldn't draw or paint, but I had a good sense of color and design when given other mediums. The blinders were off! I was, in fact, quite creative! I embraced crafts passionately, learned to enjoy new forms of art as well, and never looked back!

I come from a very long line of crafters...creativity and education were equally promoted during my formative years. As a result, I passionate about "creating" and want  to see my generation embrace the hobbies that have lasted for  generations. Knitting, sewing, cooking, heck, even carpentry! I want to spread the love of creating and the  self-tranquility it helps create. (Well, it's usually relaxing...except  for when you notice a huge mistake in your knitting project ten rows back and you have to unknit  stitch after stitch...that's NOT relaxing! But I digress...)

In my  pursuit of  learning embrace the slow pace of the homemade lifestyle in  my face paced SoCal city, I am "helped" in my world of craftiness by a  twenty pound purring black mass Phat Cat and his adopted sister, the  Princess. Let me tell you...conquering the craft world with two cats who  think they are dogs and want to be a part of EVERYTHING I do (can't  even take a bath in peace) makes life a little more fun! They are my furry babies and I photograph them in the same way others take pictures and post about their children.