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Friday, January 9, 2015

Excelling on Etsy--Improving Tags

I've found a potentially great site for advice on "tagging" in Etsy. I can't find an image large enough to pin the page. So! Here's the link, lol :)

Tools for Etsy:

Cory's Amazing White Chili Recipe

White Chicken Chili

-1 medium onion, chopped
-3 tbsp olive oil
-1 4 oz. can diced green chilis
-3 tbsp flour
-2 tsp cumin
-2 15 oz. cans Great Northern Beans
-1 14 1/2 oz. can chicken broth
-1 1/2 cups chopped, cooked chicken breast.

1. saute onion in "evoo" (olive oil)
2. add chilis, flour, & cumin. Cook 2 min.
3. Add beans & broth. Bring to boil.
4. Simmer 10 minutes until thickened.
5. Add chicken. Heat.
6. Garnish with salsa, sour cream or cheese.

Crock Pot Cooking- skip step four if you are using a crock pot. Just do steps 1-3 and put in crock pot with chicken. Serves +/-6.