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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Day 10--Oh Brother!

I come from a family of girls so guy humor is a little foreign to me in the same way I don't get the British comedies my oldest sister loves so much. Working in the IT industry (doing non-techy stuff) means I work with a lot of guys. I'm not sure if tech humor is slightly off or if it's guy humor in general that is weird. Fortunately, I was in youth ministry for nine years with youth groups that were dominated in attendance by the male gender and that has helped bridge the gap from my comfort zone of female bonding and talks about PMS, boys and "how I feel/what is he thinking" conversations.

Today I struggled again to feel thankful. It's pretty much attitude combined with the unfortunate monthly hormonal craze...but there were the guys. Just being guys and today it's what I needed to snap out of my funk. I even got some pretty funny observations about the male mind and some stuff I'd dealt with the other day (a guy I used to date casually on and off called to see if I was still together with SPW). They made me laugh and I realized how thankful I am for them in all of their XY weirdness. They might be from Mars but at least they make me laugh. Thank goodness for brothers!

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