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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Day 3--Friends

I am so thankful for friends...the ones I've grown up with, the ones the have been through all sorts of seasons of my life with me, that have laughed and cried with me, that are loyal, faithful and true.

I think the best part of friendship is that they deepen as you grow. The way I made and kept friends changed in college but then I've only learned more about being a good friend in the years since.

I love taking pictures when we are together but sometimes, you can't capture the moment with simply a picture. It's sharing the memory together that binds you to one another.

The Bible says it well when it says...two are better than one...I believe we were created to be in friendship and relationships with one another. You might just have one or two close friends, you might be able to make friends with an entire room of people in just a doesn't matter how many you have, it's that you have them, I think!

I was especially fortunate tonight to share margaritas and Mexican food with some new friends my mom and I made in our knitting class. Such a fun group of ladies. They've kept us laughing for the past month and a half. I will miss them over the holidays but hope we'll reunite in the advanced class next January. Our teacher got a group picture, I'll post it when she sends it out via email.

So my readers, is there a friend that you are specifically thankful for today?

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