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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Days of Gratitude and Thankfulness--Day 1--My Family

A neat trend on Facebook during the month of November is to spend each day saying what you are thankful for...I've decided to actively participate this year and will tailor my general thankfulness with a crafty edge as much as possible on this blog.

I am one day behind...I didn't think to blog my thankfulness until today ;0)

Day 1--I am thankful for my family and the time we will get to spend together soon.

Last summer, my middle sister moved her family to Arizona when her husband got a job teaching on an Apache Reservation. Two weeks after her third child was born! We miss them so much and it's hard missing out on the baby growing up. She keeps a weekly photo blog which is AWESOME but nothing beats seeing someone in person. The new tradition is that she hosts Thanksgiving and we all drive out to Arizona to be a family united and to eat LOTS of food!

The only bummer is that it's too much of a drive for my grandma to come. We'd be more than happy to make a route with lots of stops for her but at 88, if she decides it's too much, well, I think we should respect her decision. We will miss her, though I know my cousin and his family will make sure she's taken care of.

I have been meaning to post this pictures of my nieces, the fourth generation of knitters, learning how to knit from my grandma a few years ago. Then I have one of two of them knitting that I just took recently. I'm thankful for my family and for the creativeness and craftiness that flows through it. A family that knits to together knits themselves together as a closer knit family ;0)

E learned to knit when she was 7! Grandma taught her even before mom and I picked it up.

 G learning on big needles. She's now progressed to make a scarf for her older half-sister!

A learning from her Nana, the master knitter of the family (over 70 years!)

I love to watch my grandma's hands knit and hear the clacking of her needles.

  Hand knit hats were a big hit for Christmas last year! Here's mom, dad and I being pirates, just a goofy thing that we like to do in our family!

  E working on a sock last Christmas.

E & G knitting 2009

E and G knitting, how time FLIES!

I can't believe how grownup my nieces are here. I'm so glad that they are carrying on a family tradition. Now to just get my sisters into knitting...

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  1. Such great pictures Jenn - especially the pirates, hee hee! I can't believe how long E has been knitting and am so thankful to Nana that she taught her so well! I wish A would spend a bit more time trying to learn. She is confident at spool knitting, but hasn't progressed much in regular knitting, though her sister would help her if she would sit still long enough to keep trying! Sure can't wait to see you in about 2 short weeks!!!