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Friday, November 4, 2011

Day 4--Books

My grandma was a still a teacher in many ways! She taught early elementary for many years. She is still a kid magnet, too. The other day we were in Wendy's and I could hear her giggling as various children went up to her...just drawn in by her warmth and genuine love.

My grandma always read to her grandkids. My parents read to us quite a bit as well, I believe inspired by how much my grandma read to children. I absolutely love to read and I tribute my grandma for creating a family of readers.

My nieces love to read and they love to read to their Nana. A actually learned to read as Nana read to her and sounded out the words one by one.

Reading opens up so many doors. There are so many adventures to be found behind the pages of a book.

Of course, my grandma not only gave her family a love for reading but a love for crafting, knitting in particular. My mom and I took my grandma to the local knitting store YfY and in no time at all, she'd befriended several knitters, including one newbie, and was sharing patterns and ideas with them. I love my grandma and her infectious spirit...when I "grow up" I want to be just like her! ;0)


  1. I this post! Such great pics of the girls, and Nana too!!!

  2. *that should say heart - I heart this post!