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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Finally Back Into the Swing of Things

Between Thanksgiving and New Years, life was a blur of holiday, family and craft plans. Sorry for my absence and sorry for not finishing my thankful posts. I made gorgeous blankets for A & G and when I didn't have time to finish E's gift, I gave her a gift card to B&N. She was in book lovers heaven! The littlest got her own little art kit, she's artistic even at 15 months!

The end of 2011 brought the end of my relationship and retail therapy has ensued! I have lots of new yarns and new pattern books. I can wait to share them with you! Phat cat and the Princess have loved this year's Christmas tree and of course, the ornaments. Sigh...

I will be posting regularly again and more importantly, putting up pics. Let me know what you are up to, as well! Happy crafting!

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