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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Brain Eating Monster Hat and Sister Bonnet

I love Pinterest! Such a great tool for both saving and for finding cool ideas. It was through Pinterest I first saw the Brain Eating Monster Hat and fell in love with him. I just had to try it! There aren't many boyish patterns that are cute without being too frilly and I thought that just maybe, my friend and fellow crafter's son (D Man) might like to wear him.

I even managed to follow the directions for the ear flaps, which are just too cute, if you ask me. I didn't make the pattern, so I can brag on it ;0) The BEM hat wasn't my only hat project of the week. My mom gave me an awesome pattern book for Christmas "Last Minute Gifts." The projects are all supposed to be created in a day or less (though when it comes to the Bunny, which I will blog about later, it definitely took more than a day!). I found this darling bonnet and had to use the alpaca yarn I'd picked up at Hobby Lobby. I even learned how to knit an I-cord into an edge. It looks a little big but I hope it fits D Man's sister, Baby Girl.

Unfortunately, Phat Cat is rather attracted to Alpaca yarn :0( I had to sew up a tear in the bonnet which he chewed for no reason at all that I can determine. He does have strange fetishes but let me tell you, that escapade ended in a cat time out. YES, I put my cat into time out! LOL Well, he had to go into the bathroom while I calmed down. ;0)

The bonnet also required some seaming and while it's not perfect, I'm proud of my attempts.

As my skill level grows, I am more and more willing to try new patterns and techniques. I can't wait to show you what else I've been up to. In the meantime, what have YOU been knitting?


  1. Too cute! Thanks for thinking of us. Baby girl still wears a green beanie to sleep. She insists on having her "at". She can't pronounce the "h" sound yet, I guess. :)