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Friday, January 20, 2012

Baby Baby Baby Ooooh

I found a simple pattern for baby booties online at I'd already used a baby blanket pattern from their site and the directions for the booties seemed straightforward enough so I gave them a try.

You add increases...can you see the pucker between my space markers? That creates the heel.

Then you continue and finish up at the toe.

There are two seams to sew up. Ideally, I'd like to start using the pattern that my grandma has always knit where you use the kitchner stitch to close so there aren't any seams but in a pinch, this pattern works out just great.

Using baby sport weight self-striping yarn, I whipped up a pair to go with a hat I'd made for a friend's baby shower. (More on baby hats to come!) The pattern does not give an eyelet row but using my darning needle, I threaded some ribbon and weaved it in and out and tied a bow at the front. Viola! Baby bootie and hat bliss ;0)

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