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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Eyes Only

A post or two ago, I mentioned pattern books...I thought I would share them. A fair warning, I'm going to tease you by mentioning what I made but not show you until future posts!

Until recently, I've been mostly using patterns I found online. The great part is that they were free. The bummer is when they don't make any kind of sense or there are errors. My mom got me Last Minute Knitted Gifts and we both fell in love with the bunny pattern. I also LOVED the bag on the cover and decided it was a "must make." The day after New Year's, my mom and I hit the craft store sales. There I found Spud and Chloe at the Farm (darling farm animal patterns, mostly done in the round) and Baby Beanies. The hats in there are super cute. I've already made a few.

I thought I was done with my purchasing spree but I was at my local LYS (YfY) and I saw 60
Quick Knits for Baby. There was THE CUTEST pea pod sweater I'd ever seen. Plus lots of other great hats, mittens, clothes, jackets, socks, name it, it's probably in there. And finally, after making a few of the stuffed animals from the Spud and Chloe book, I decided that making stuffed animals might be one of my "things" despite an early resistance to try them. I saw "Knitted Toy Tals...some of the cutest stuffed creation patterns I'd see yet. I simply CANNOT wait to make the Frog Prince and the Owl and The Pussy Cat. Sigh. I'm in pattern HEAVEN! (These stuffed animals are made flat and sewn up the back.)

I can't wait to start sharing the projects I've made from these books! I hope you'll like them, too. So, my dear readers, what are your favorite pattern books and why?

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