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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Baby It's Cold Outside...Okay, Not So Much Just Yet!

Leave it to me to spend the summer knitting blankets! I have a baby explosion going on with friends and seems like almost everyone has just had one or is announcing they are pregnant.

I was inspired by a post on a blog...which one, I sadly cannot create these super easy, super soft baby blankets!

Here's a closer look...

The pattern is SUPER easy, perfect for a beginner. I love chunky and bulky yarns (size 5 &6) because they knit up so fast. So using the bulky/chunky baby yarns they have in abundance at the craft stores...

...I cast on about 90 stitches on a size 11 circular needle. You can make the stripes as wide or as narrow as you want and use as many colors/shades/textures as you want, too.

I will say, Velvet Spun by Lion Brand is VERY difficult to use in this project. You end up with gaping holes that need to be sewed up to keep baby's fingers from getting caught up in them. It is so soft, though...sigh. Also, the pompom yarn would be super cute and super soft to use in this touchy-feeling blanket, but I just don't get a long with the pompoms!

Oh, I also made a very simple baby blanket pattern and that one I remember the blog link to! LOL

I've made it twice, once with a baby sport weight yarn (that claimed it was a 4 but felt like a 3) and a size 5 weight variegated yarn that made for one HUGE blanket! Here's a second shot that shows the colors off better.

My blanket knitting is going to take off again here soon, I want to make some child sized Afghans for G & A for Christmas. I better get off this blog and get to knitting!

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