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Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Little Fall Fun!

After I finished my mitered coaster foursome in green, I was inspired to make a set for Halloween!

It was the idea for a Candy Corn mitered square that started the obsession.


The next challenge was making a pumpkin so that it didn't resemble a carrot! (LOL)

I then made a few more striped versions in Halloween colors that I bought for a Trick or Treat drawstrng pouch I have in the works (still need work on that Kitchener stitch!).

I have based it off a super cute idea I saw from Lion Brand ( ) and will add the hand embroidery--and that's probably easier to do BEFORE I sew up the sides, note to self! I also just finished a super cute skeleton hat for my cousin's stepdaughter as a "big sister" gift. She's all into zombies and monsters, so I think she'll dig the skeletons!

Here is where I got it from: So, what do you think a good color combination would be for the next one I am going to make?

Happy Halloween, y'all!

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