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Friday, October 28, 2011

Like a Kid in a Candy Store...

76,000 SQUARE FEET of crafty goodness has opened just 45 miles north and east of where I live and I will be on my way tomorrow to experience Hobby Lobby for myself! I've been in one once, when I was visiting family in Illinois. I fell in love and I only had the time to check out the scrapbooking section. I CANNOT wait to walk thru the ENTIRE store! Timing is actually perfect. Planned to meet the BF for a date tomorrow afternoon just a mile or so from the new store's site and it dawned on me that the store might have actually opened (I've been waiting for months since I heard Temecula was the future home of Hobby Lobby!). He did sound relieved that I planned to go shopping and oogling BEFORE I met up with him. He's a very patient man and on our first date we went antiquing and craftstore hopping (yes, I was testing him and yes, he passed with flying colors), but walking around a craft emporium just after getting off a full day's work for some reason just does not appeal to him. ;0) Silly man! I better get my mad money out. I think I might be doing some splurging tomorrow!

Okay, blog readers...what is your very favorite place to shop for your crafty items and why? What is the best deal you've gotten? And what item are you currently coveting most and hope to find under your holiday tree?

Happy weekend to all!

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