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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Bachelorette Gift Idea!

Today I had a little knitting fun making up a condom cozy. Yes, you read it correctly!

A post on Knitting Paradise had a link to a website promoting safe sex and a plethora of patterns for "condom amulets." One looked like a particularly eye-pleasing pattern and the direction didn't look difficult; I have two girl friends who are close to being engaged so it's time to start thinking up shower and Bachelorette party ideas!

I also made it up just for laughs! There was a lot of interaction on the blog post but no one had made I took it upon myself to be the knitter in residence for that particular project! I thought my mom was going to die of embarrassment when I told her what is was really for...she wants to make some but call them coin purses ;0)

The real kicker is that the site was started up by women in their 50's! If you are interested in checking out the other patterns, go to I will note, I chose one of the more tame patterns...though tasteful, there are quite some unusual designs!

I also made up some designs of my own...

I adore the purse that turned out so well. The pink bag...not so much. I was trying to replicate a bobbles pattern (that I couldn't find) so I made something up but then couldn't figure out the kitchener stitch to bind it off...the picture is hiding my ugly seaming! But you get the idea...

What next will Jenn knit up? I've got some more fun, "not your grandma's scarves" type work that I will be making up and posting soon. Plus I am getting into Race for the Cure mode, knitting up green beanies for the Team Jil walkers. And there are Christmas presents to start on...whew, I've got a full plate. Until then...peace, love and yarn!

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