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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Twisted Sisters:The Bella Baseball Scarf...the Saga Begins!

I have finally started my personal knitting class project...the Bella Baseball scarf! It's SO gorgeous and it will be very challenging for me as it involves a lot of sewing AFTER all the knitting is done.

I started with the Horseshoe cable panels (see gray and purple matching panels right where the mannequin's hands are). Cables have been surprisingly uncomplicated for me to figure out since I learned them in my knitting class. There are all sorts of cabling tools to use, I prefer the "j hook" because it helps me keep my slipped stitches in order and I can use the longer straight end to knit or purl the slipped stitches. Apparently, though, it "may" make for a new cat toy so I'd better watch to make sure she doesn't try to take it for a game of fetch (yes, the Princess plays fetch!).

Here is my first row of completed horseshoes. Talk about a twisted sister, there's all sorts of stitch stuff going on in there! You do, apparently, always make the surrounding stitches purled so that the cabled twists, which are done in stockinette, really show up.

And just to see if you are curious about such things, this is the back. Yes, let's move on and not feel the need to go back and see it again (ugly!).

After purling the edge of the scarf panel, I'm ready to cable. I want my first twist to learn to the left, so I slip off three stitches and place the cable in front.

Now, I slipped three stitches because that's what the pattern told me to do...another kind of cable will require another amount of stitches to be slipped. So I knit the next three stitches on my regular knitting needle to match, and then go back and knit the three stitches on my cable.

I want the mirror image of my last cable, or have it go to the right so I place the next three stitches on a cable and move it to the back of my work. I knit the following three stitches on my normal knitting needle, then go back and knit the three that have been hanging around, waiting for me.

And viola! A horseshoe cable!

There are ten cables per panel, and a total of four panels. I still have more work to do. After blocking it (wet, gently stretch into shape, pin down and let dry), I'll need to add stitches on the SIDE of it and knit reverse stockinette (purl side showing).

Then it will be time to tackle the five diamond shaped's a project alright BUT it is going along well. Did two panels just today between chores and job hunting online so hopefully I'll have it done by Christmas, oops, I mean by the end of October when our class finishes up ;0)

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