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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Take a Break!

No, I have not been taking a break from knitting but sometimes, it is hard to post during the week. I've picked up a side job doing respite work for a lovely family...just a couple of hours twice a week giving them a little bit of a break but it has cut into my knitting and blogging time. I will get a little more organized this weekend so I am ready to post on the nights I am home and hopefully keep you all more up to date! In the meantime, here is my Bella Scarf pieced out, waiting to be sewn. I really need to work on my stitching of knitting pieces skills so I am waiting to practice more before I give this project a go to finish. It's a Christmas gift so I have a little time! I'm not procrastinating but I would be really disappointed if all this work wasn't complimented by some decent stitching.

Phat cat, of course, just had to get in the picture. :0) Until next time, peace love and yarn!

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