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Friday, September 30, 2011

Poor Pitiful Bobbles...

Well, the bobble project from my knitting class is quite possibly the ugliest thing I've made in a while...perhaps ever! LOL The project was supposed to be a "spa" soap bag that you can use as a soapy washcloth. Well, cotton yarn doesn't have any stretch so making the faux bobbles (which, the teacher realized, weren't really bobbles due to the technique we were using to make them) was...well...really a stretch! Instead continuing to make the faux bobbles after I had to rip out four rows to fix a faux bobble that had fallen apart, I just knitted the rest of the project. We then attempted a kitchener's seam to bind the bottom edge together without a visible seam. Yah, well, mine is visible alright! Sigh.

A lovely lady in my class made two, one in pink that she gave to me to donate to the knit for the cure. It is LOVELY! Oh my goodness. I'm so attempt looks positively dismal next to it! Her's so beautifully done it inspires me to give the pattern another some point. Maybe just not with cotton yarn. ;0)

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