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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Knitting Class #1--Cables

My grandma found an adult continuing education course on Intermediate Knitting skills and my mom and I decided to sign up. It's actually located at my mom's old jr. high! Thursday night was the first class and we learned how to do cables. With just some simple stitches done out of order (and twisted when knitted) and you get some funky 3-D action going on in your knits.

Now, I'm not going to go through the process of HOW to knit cables when there are SO many great blogs and YouTube videos devoted to the topic already. Try: if you are REALLY curious. The video shows a different cable pattern then what we made in class. We made a "Honeycomb" pattern and the plan was to make a coffee cup "cozy." Well, I'd managed to move the size 6 needles to the wrong knitting project bag (you realize I have FOUR, right?) and only had size 8's with me. The bigger the needle, the bigger the stitch, the bigger the finished product. So I was a little worried I was going to end up with a Super Big Gulp cozy! We're going to finish it up in class next week (then move onto "bobbles," very cool) but I've posted a pic of it "in process." The flash is too bright but you can still make out raised "circles" in rows...a honeycomb pattern!

The class was really fun and super entertaining. I'm really looking forward to all I'm going to learn. I still am in my scarf knitting obsession though...all I can think of is that the pattern would look so cool in a fall color (warm muted orange-ish brown)...worn in a scarf! LOL Until next time...peace, love and yarn!