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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Bobbles and Cables and Cats...oh My!

We finished up our coffee cup cozies at the beginning of class...

Oh, did you want to see that cozy, too, Pricess? LOL Oh life with cats...

Anyway, here is my honeycomb cozy! I love the pattern, enough that I want to make a scarf with the pattern. A lady in my class pointed out how stiff the pattern makes the worsted weight yarn feel and that it'd probably be a more cozy scarf if it was done in a thinner weighted yarn.

Then we got to work on our bobbles project. I have about four more inches to go of just bobbles...I LOVE LOVE LOVE the way bobbles look. It's especially challenging to knit three stitches together with cotton yarn (since it doesn't have any stretchiness to it) but it is nice to learn the technique for future patterns. We'll finish the bobble project up in class and turn it into a "soap bag"...can't wait to show it off.

In the meantime, I've got at least five different projects started! It's crazy but it's fun trying new patterns. I will post some pictures next time of all I've got going on. No wonder my scrapbooks are getting so far behind!

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