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Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Knitting is my current obsession but I've been wanting to gain some sewing machine skills. My friend, Mylinh, has an amazing talent. She marvels us through her blog with all sorts of clever creations. It helps that she has an adorable daughter to dress but she makes non-clothes items as well. M offered to teach me to sew when I commented on her blog how much I'd like to give it a hand. Maybe she doesn't know what she is getting into...I have major bobbin issues left over from 7th grade Home-Ec. She posted a picture of a darling bag she sewed for a co-worker and I picked that to be my first attempt. Well, first four attempts. I'm going to make one for each of my nieces. Our other friend, Laura, wants to join in the fun, too. I already went and bought the fabrics...on sale at Joann's, of course. (Hobby Lobby has two weeks until their projected opening up in Temecula and I'm SO THERE!)

I really tried to find fabrics that complement my niece's personalities. A's was the hardest, for some reason. I found some cute patterns but they were in curderoy and I wasn't sure if that would be harder to sew so I kept looking. I actually go stressed out over it...I had to remind myself, it's a process. It's enjoyable. And as soon as I changed my mindset, I spotted the fabric I bought for her. All of the girls get floral patterns, except for baby I. She gets a kitty print in honor of her first word "eow". I bought contrasting fabric for the bottom of the bags and straps. Now, it's time to set a date to sew. Better start making sure all of the excess machine parts are together in one place. Would hate to get to her house with the machine minus the power cable! (LOL)

The fabrics go by age left to right...E, G, A and I :0)

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  1. It might be a challenge sewing around those metal studs on the black straps, but it's probably doable. :) Looking forward to our sewing date. Maybe a field trip to Hobby Lobby some day soon?