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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Shut the Front Door Sunday! Trying out a Pinterest Idea

I haven't been using my oven for the past few weeks. It'd had a thorough cleaning after the infamous glass pan explosion a few weeks back (I've yet to admit to this story on the blog, yet). Toaster oven, stove top, microwave, all have been put to good use...I was somehow afraid that I'd cause an explosion if I used the oven again. Some remaining glass would explode, or some cleanser residue I'd managed to leave behind catching fire (non-toxic but still flammable)....I finally braved the chance to use it when I unrolled a package of crescent rolls and had some processed food fun. Minus any explosions!

I confess, I love Pinterest...I think I spend more time searching for craft ideas on it than I do Google (poor, lonely Google). So many "pins" of ideas that I would have never thought of how to make a meal out of a crescent roll or two.

I love crescent rolls, so I figured anything that I made with them had a chance to taste great. I had seen a few pinned recipes that I played around with and added my own flair to and viola...a quick, tasty dinner or lunch to take to work.

The ingredients I used are above...I decided to get the larger sized crescents but the smaller ones would work just fine (just use less filling). My favorite combo was the pizza roll up I made with a tablespoon of pizza sauce, half a stick of string cheese and some pepperoni.

The turkey/cream cheese with mustard roll up was tasty, as well.  I found that I actually preferred the lunch meat with the cream cheese instead of string cheese.

I also made a dessert roll up with some cream cheese and chocolate chips. Mmmm, yummy, if I do say so myself. Not particularly healthy but cheaper and probably slightly better for me than if I'd gotten some fast food. :0)

So, what fillings would you use in your crescent roll up?

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