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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

After the Ball Drops...

I inevitably pick the same resolution every year...wait for more classical literature. (Hah, I gotcha, didn't I? You thought I'd say "eat healthy/lose weight/exercise more" and indeed, I do usually make a health focused resolution, too.) I love to read and had excellent classes in literature back in high school, but in all honesty, over the years I've gotten a little lazy in my reading habits. Not that there is anything wrong with contemporary Christian fiction or YA fiction, of course...though admittedly, some of what I read is kind of...junky. (Have you ever used "junky" to describe reading material?!) I just find myself wanting to exercise that analytical part of my brain and remember how much I loved doing that with the books from AP English back in the day. (Okay, wayyyyy back in the day! The 20 year reunion is just around the corner!) I just never seem to motivate myself well enough once the year gets going. So this year, I'm going to give a little more weight and commitment to my literary resolution. I joined a Meetup group focused on reading classical literature (published before 1940)! They meet about twice a quarter in my part of San Diego (a huge plus). I can't say that I'm super excited about the first couple of book selections, just because they aren't books I'd ever put on my resolution list (The Jungle Books and Treasure Island) but it's a start. Obviously, if I really wanted to read the classic works on my own "to read" list, I'd have done it by now! ;0)  And, there's a community to inspire and encourage me. A win-win, I think.

Structure, goals, accountability...these same elements of making my literature resolution come to pass are the same guidelines I'm using to come up with my craft and blog resolutions. I really want to focus on learning more sewing techniques and refining the ones I've already learned. I also want to grow the blog's readership and make it something worth reading on a regular basis. I've signed up for some e-courses to increase both my blogging skills and my sewing abilities. I've joined two online sewing that will cover basic sewing techniques (to improve that which I already know) and a monthly sew-a-long whose first project uses herringbone quilted blocks. Quilting wasn't high on my list of "to learn" sewing skills but the community will make it more fun to learn something else on my own, I've decided.

Along with revamping the blog, I'll be re-doing my sewing area. I utilize my dining nook when I sew (and to store my machine and tools when I'm not sewing) and I realized after a while it was just easier to keep my ironing board out, next to my bookcase. I wanted to give it a fresh cover and in the process, decided to make the space truly a place where creativity  and beauty abound. I've already chosen the color palate and the fabrics, I can't wait to share them with you! (A sneak peek is below!)

I hope that 2013 is already treating you well! What are your resolutions???

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