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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Handmade with Love for Christmas

I love giving gifts. Especially making gifts and giving them. So I decided to handmake all of my gifts for Christmas. I started early and loved all of the knitting, sewing and crafting time I invested. Some were bi g, some were small but all were made with love. I also learned some new skills and techniques along the way.

To start with, I attached a zipper for the first time. I made a simple zippered bag for my boyfriend, a man case (lol) using some pretty cute mustache fabric I'd found at Joann's. Thanks for the awesome tutorial, Noodlehead! I made a few more bags for friends, but I can't show you the other print I used because I still haven't given the gift!

The matching burlap and linen stockings were pretty basic. I just love the look of burlap and lace!

 I found in my scrapbooking stash a darling ribbon with the words, "Together is a wonderful place to be." It worked for both the man-stocking and the knitting needle roll up that I made for my mom.

Kind of a play on words.

 The two complimentary patterns were both remnants I'd found, months apart, again at Joann's. I was thrilled when I realized that they matched (it's the little things in life that thrill me!).

I shrunk and lengthened the online patterns I used as inspirations to make crochet needle roll up for my sis. If you want to check out what I used, look here and here.

I challenged myself a bit and used a commercial pattern to make a sewing machine cover for her Singer.  Love that Heidi Grace set at Joann's!

 I'm having a bit a hard time now that Christmas is over, to stay focused and get projects done in a timely manner. Oh, the problems of a nerdy craft girl! I'll plow my way through the sewing machine apathy in due time. I've join a sew-a-long and a knit-a-long to keep myself motivated and am just enjoying picking and choosing from the couple of PHD items I'd started after Christmas.

Am I the only crafter out there finding it hard to stay motivated now that the deadline of Christmas is done?

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