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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Hip to Be Square--New Year's Sew A-Long

I made A and G rag quits for Christmas and the fabulous aspect of rag quilts is that you don't really notice when your squares aren't perfectly lined up. The rag quilts turned out pretty cute, I will brag on myself here. I made A's based on what was her favorite color at the time I picked out the fabrics...last May! Ten year old's DO change their minds. Pink is still A favorite but not THE favorite. Oh well, I tried! And A is a sweetheart, I'm sure she loves her Gigi quilt, pink and all.

Fortunately, G still loves her quilt's colors, lol!

My first sewing "resolution" wasn't to quilt, as I mentioned in a previous blogpost , but I am excited to join a sewing community for this Sew A Long...the project is based on learning to make a herringbone block. We can make anything we want, the only requirement is to use at least one herringbone block in the project.

What is a herringbone block? Well, I had no clue, in all honesty! There is an example of one on the link above, but I also did a little Googling. Thanks to, I learned that it is:

                       "A pattern consisting of rows of short, slanted parallel lines with the direction of the slant alternating row by row and used in masonry, parquetry, embroidery, and weaving."

Herringbone is also a type of  twill fabric with distinctive V shaped pattern. In my Gioogle search, I'd also found another great tutorial that you should check out if your curiosity has been peaked.

I'd been wanting to make a memorial quilt or blanket in memory of my friend's daughter, Baby Z. Her second birthday would been last month. Yellow is the awareness color for the condition she had, Osteogenesis Imperfecta. Back when Joann's had an amazing Thanksgiving sale on some quilting fabrics, I picked up a number of yellow and gray prints, with the memorial project in mind. I have some ideas in mind for what I want to do but the "vision" is still rough...I'll keep you posted on the sew-a-long as we go. The first step is to cut the strips. That, I can do. From that point on though, I'll be in new sewing territory. Ready or not, I'm going to sew a QUILT!

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