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Monday, December 10, 2012

Life Sew Sweet

I absolutely couldn't wait to see my nieces and new nephew. So much was my anticipation that I took Thanksgiving week off of work and drove out to Arizona the Saturday before Thanksgiving. I told my sister not to tell E or A because I wanted to surprise them. And surprise them I did! What fun to see the shock on their faces. :0)

My oldest niece, E, loves crafts, just like so many other members of our family. She got her first sewing machine this year and has been eager to work on learning to make her own clothes.Though I've yet to sew more than a pillowcase dress, I know from experience how important it is to sew straight lines. So, I sent word that she should practice sewing on paper. It's what I did in Home Ec so many years ago. You don't use thread, you just sew along lines and get a feel for the process of sewing and the pressure needed to get a slow but steady speed going. And practice she did!

I absolutely couldn't wait to sew with her, though I knew we probably wouldn't get to any clothes sewing. I brought pieces for a simple bag (remember this?) that required straight lines. She did a fabulous job! The next day we were at Walmart and she spotted a pattern for another type of bag and I thought..why not give a try?! Truthfully, patterns still intimidate me! But I was up for the challenge and plus, the pattern was only .99 cents and fabric at Walmart is cheap. I found material for my bag for $1.50 a yard!

We studied the pattern, we pressed out wrinkles, we cut, we sewed...we made bags!

We had quite a "helper" during the whole process. Miss I couldn't resist seeing how she could contribute to the process. So interested and curious. We set very firm rules about what wasn't safe and then let her drag over her Elmo stool to watch and "help" us as only a two year old can. Sewing is thirsty work, so Miss I made sure we were well stocked for a tea party, too. (LOL)

We had plenty of other crafting that week (thread and yarn were in abundance!)...along with plenty of food and family time as we celebrated Thanksgiving together with my folks, other sister and other niece.

So much fun. So many handbags sewed! (Four completed plus we started a fifth!). Ahhh. So many memories made. Life can just be "sew" sweet when you share it with the ones you love. ;0)

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