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Sunday, March 25, 2012

If You Ain't Dutch, You Ain't Much

I saw this neat knitted market bag on Pinterest a few months back and finally decided to make it this week. It's panels, before sewn, resemble a windmill.

You knit the first panel, then pick up stitches on the side of it to start the next panel. Repeat two more times, then sew up the sides. The blog it was pinned from has a great little illustration explaining that "clear as mud" description (lol).

I used four different earthy tones from Sugar and Cream but since I'm such a tight knitter, I went up to size ten needles. I knitted about 116 rows for each panel, in garter, so it's a very quick project.

You create the handles by knitting I-cords at the top of each panel and joining two together on one side and repeating on the other. I got a bit exuberant on my cords and thus my handles are quite long. Overall, I'm thrilled with the ease, the quickness and the inexpensive cost of the project!