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Friday, March 2, 2012

Like Father, Like Son

I am all about breast health...from monthly self exams and preventative mammograms to the benefits of breast milk for babies. Our society mostly identifies breasts as a sexual organ only and yet, our "boobs" are so much more! Oh, it's fun to joke about them and such but there is much more to them than "meets the eye" ;0) There's been a lot in the news about differing views of public breast feeding. I'm personally very modest but am all about "supporting" the breast feeding cause!

Anyway, a few weeks back, my cousin posted a picture of a "boob beanie" and asked if I could make one for his son. He said that he, like his father, was a "smart @$$" and he expected his son to be one as why not start being a smart @$$ at a young age? ;0) My cousin offered to pay for one but I told him all I wanted in payment was a photo of his son wearing it for this blog.

As for the pattern, I found a few few pattern's posted online and figured out the basics.  Cast on whatever skin tone color to make a beanie (I did either 64 or 72 for the baby's hat and either 80 or 88 for the adult with worsted weight on size 8 needles). A few rows after you start to decrease, switch to the nipple color. End with an I-cord of approximately 6 stitches for about four rows. All of these sizes (and colors) can be customized as desired.

And because the theme behind the request was "like father like son" I knitted both a baby cap and an adult hat. My cousin's wife graciously took this picture and titled it "Nice Rack."


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