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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Crafty for a Cure

There are so many great causes out there. I'm personally passionate about finding a cure for breast cancer but really, there are so many other needs out there I'd love to support if I have the time. I'm blessed with friends who are just as passionate about the causes that have affected their lives and I do try to remember to take my head out of the sand of breast cancer fundraising and general life busyness to remember to support them as well as they've supported me.

What is great about this cup cozy pattern and this washcloth pattern is that all you have to do is change the color of the yarn, lol, and you've given support to the cause of your passion or a friend's passion.

The cup cozy is done in the round and knits up rather quickly. It only uses YO's, SSK and K2gthr to make the simple ribbon pattern. The washcloth is just a bit bigger but only consists of following a pattern of knits and purls.

As for my sewing frenzy as of late...I found some great fabric at Jo-Ann's to make up a few of my newest favorite 'go to gift', the amazing roll up tote.

Found other fabrics to make up as well, will post when I make them up the next time I am at the machine.

And I finally got some long promised "welcome little one" cards out to my dear college friend who runs a non-profit ministry that supplies care packages to families with newborns affected by Osteogenesis Imperfecta (which I have always thought of as brittle bone disease).

Children with OI are often referred to as "Snowflakes"...each so beautifully unique and so quite fragile. I had found some blank cards at Michael's over Christmas to alter and finally made myself sit down and come up with a template.

My friend and her husband lost their precious baby girl, Zyana Grace, almost  a year ago from complications relating to OI. Please check out her blog and to find out more about OI, check out

Well, my dear readers, what causes are closest to your hearts? Please feel free to post links to other ribbon patterns on the comment field below!

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