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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Lavendar-Lemon Rice Heating Pad

My sis spotted this simple, easy rice heating pad on my sewing Pinterest "board" and commented that she would love to have one. I picked up some flannel on sale at Joann's and gave it a whirl through my sewing machine while the storm raged outside this past weekend.

I already had the essential oils but did have to stop by the grocery store to pick up white rice (I eat brown and didn't know if the husks on the brown rice would cause the rice to mold at all). I mixed up several cups worth, planning on making two of the heating pads from the material I'd found.

The pattern itself was the kind I like...a bunch of rectangles! (LOL) The first trick was to remember to turn the bag right side OUT before sewing the pouches (SIGH). Good thing I have a handy-dandy seam ripper.

And the second trick was to not fill the pouches up too much because you do have to sew the final seam when the rice is already in the pouches.

I have to admit, I loved how the smell of lavender and lemon filled my kitchen. I even tried the 2nd bag out (intended for my Grandma) and found the experience to be very pleasant and agreeable. Just a minute in my microwave and viola!

The pattern called for type of belt to hold the heating bag but I took the easy way out and tied a ribbon around the pad for my sister. ;0)

My friends on FB gave their approval and I decided to go back to Joann's to look for pink ribbon flannel material to make some for Komen fundraisers. The flannel was on sale for $2.79 and I had a "20% off your ENTIRE purchase" coupon! Can you say, DEAL?! Got three yards of it for under $7.00. If memory serves correctly, I believe I can make at least 8 per yard. That's about $0.30 of material for the bag. Rice is cheap in bulk and I already have the oils. SCORE! I decided I'd sew them up ahead of time to the point of putting the rice in and then store until it comes time to give them as thank you gifts to my generous donors. I'm not sure how long the fragrance of the oils lasts.

I found some more material for future projects that I will share later...until then, happy crafting!


  1. What a great idea. Hoa much oil would you use in one so that it smells nice?

    1. I used about 3 cups of rice...a little more than half per pouch. I made up 6 cups of rice for two bags and used btwn 15 and 20 drops of lavender and 5 of lemon. I'm just not sure how long the scents will last...but my kitchen smelled amazing for hours!

  2. Thanks for the link up, glad you were able to use the tutorial!-Bethany from

    1. Bethany, GREAT tutorial! Thank you for posting, can't wait to make more of them. Gave one to my grandma today, whose been crafting forever, and she loved it :0)

  3. Turned out super cute! I think it looks really cute with the ribbon - what a great gift idea!!!