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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Gone Green for St. Patrick's Day

Pinterest is keeping my "to do" list quite long these days! I've been attracted to sewing with greens and browns lately, and I figure it's just in time for the springtime celebrations of St. Patrick's Day and Earth Day.

My plastic bag collection is OUT OF CONTROL so I decided to try some patterns for storing them. I patch-worked together some scraps and used the proportions found this tutorial here. It was my first solo attempt using elastic and it took me a few tries to thread and sew it properly but the end result looks good enough.

As usual, Phat Cat wanted to be in on ALL of the action when I worked on a mini plastic bag holder.

I used fusible interfacing to make the pieces somewhat stiff.

I used nursery print material in the hopes of giving it as a gift (for mom to keep it in the diaper bag) but in all honesty, I need some more experience sewing straight while maneuvering around curves.

And while the sewing machine was out, I made up some of my roll up tote bags.

Definitely no reason to not combine stylish cuteness with celebrating the green and protecting the earth. ;0) I've been sewing more than knitting but have some projects going on that I'll post pictures of down the road.

It's a rainy weekend here in SoCal, perfect for crafting...what projects have you been up to?

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