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Saturday, April 28, 2012

I can't believe it's been over a month since my last blog post! Easter has come and gone and I didn't show you the cutest Easter bunny, which I made for Baby G! Here in this
photo he's also modeling a boobie hat. His daddy has a matching one and I've yet to see a picture with him in it,! Must contact his lovely wife STAT.

Baby G was named after his grandpa, who was my favorite uncle...not that I don't have other wonderful uncles. I'm really blessed in the family department. But Uncle G lived in San Diego county and was thus a big part of my life. He even took the afternoon off of work to come to my high school graduation!

Losing him was rough. But when I went to his funeral, I had a chance to reconnect with one of his sons. The crazy thing is that my cousin is JUST like his dad...looks like him, laughs like him. Then I had a chance to get to know Baby G's mama, a fellow crafter with a great sense of humor, as we are both Facebookers. And as we mourned Uncle G's passing, Baby G's mama found out she was preggers with this precious boy. So while I lost my uncle, I feel like I gained three cousins.

The best part is having a baby boy to make things for in this family that is surrounded by girls!

The bunny pattern is from the book "Last Minute Gifts" (which I've mentioned before). I used size 5 Alpaca yarn, that I bought from Hobby Lobby and knitted him up on 10.5 needles. The pattern calls for smaller yarn and needles but by now, you'all know me...I love to make stuffed animals with the big dogs. ;0)

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  1. Thank you Jenn so much for the hat and bunny! Georgie absolutely loves his bunny and the hat came in handy this winter. You are inspiring me to get back to crocheting. :)
    Thanks again! <3