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Sunday, February 5, 2012

No More Teachers, No More Books

My grandma, a former elementary school teacher, is not surprisingly a huge advocate of continuing education. Once retired, she took a number of "adult ed" type classes from anything to crafts to computers, even once taking a yoga class so she would be occupied while my grandpa took a bread making class. Last fall, she found a knitting class for me and my mom to take where we learned all sorts of techniques like mitering, cables and color work. This quarter I've joined a "knit along" class where we're making a baby sweater and socks.

The baby sweater is done!

The pattern was fairly easy to follow, though I definitely needed teacher assistance to understand it and complete some of the stitches and steps. 

It involved some seaming, which was very exciting to the cats. Whenever yarn moves, BEWARE! Lol

I added some color work to mine, copying a Fair Isle pattern I saw in a baby hat in my "60 Quick Knits for Baby" book. I also used the seed stitch on my edges, just to give it a little more design. It's for about a 3  to 6 month old and I can't wait to find a model to give it to.

These classes are really stretching my knowledge and building my confidence in knitting. Depending on what is being offered next quarter in the knitting classes, I may take a sewing class next. This week, we start socks. I can't wait to learn how to "turn a heel." Am I a knitting nerd or what?! Until next time...peace, love and yarn.

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