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Sunday, February 5, 2012

May the Sleep Sheepies Always Find You...

With so many girls to knit for, I still had a chance to make some more "boyish" type items for the baby boys in my life. Here are two hats I made recently. The smaller is a "squash" hat for a newborn that I got out of a "One Skein Wonder" book. I used a striping camo print cotton yarn (HL's "I Love This Yarn"). I sent it to the pregnant mama (due in just four weeks!) with some off-white booties I'd made. Note to self, don't make the booties out of cotton yarn unless you want them to be quite large. So the booties and the hat don't match size wise. Sigh. Oh well!

The larger hat is from my "Baby Beanies" book and it's a sleeping hat. I know every mama hopes the sleep sheep will find her baby, lol.

I made it for my cousin's baby whose just now a month old along with some green booties I'd made. Is he not the CUTEST model EVER?!

I'd planned to adjust a hat pattern to make a sleeping cap for my cousin as well but I messed up toward the top and just finished it up without the long slowly decreasing tail. He still wore it for a pic, though. (His wife might have made him, lol!)

The best part about knitting is getting the pics from the recipients modeling my handiwork! Baby Georgie is worn out from his modeling and the sleep sheepies have found him!Yay!

XOXOXOX Baby Georgie! Love your cousin Jenn


  1. Hilarious picture of cousin - and ADORABLE pic of baby!!! Love the hat and booties - super cute colors and such a unique design!

  2. Jenn, Thank you so much for the hats! Kevin and Georgie are both adorable in them!!!