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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Fat Cat Cooks...Pancakes!

In less than two weeks, my parents will celebrate 43 years of marriage! When they said, "for better and for worse, 'til death do us part," they meant it! My mom says she could make cookies and jello when she got married...and that was it. Yet, over time, she learned and she learned well. "Oma" has several recipes my family considers essential to life. The wedding gift of a waffle machine is can't get any better, even at a restaurant, than my mom's waffles. The recipe book that came with the machine is a family heirloom. The basic recipe can make either waffles or pancakes and they are just SO GOOD.

I've always been apathetic about making pancakes. Maybe even a little intimidated. I mean, you grow up with perfection and how do you compete? LOL However, a post on Facebook about pumpkin pie french toast got me in the mood for breakfast and also started getting me interested in more breakfast recipes...including pancakes. There are so many variations. When it comes to regular pancakes, I only want my mom's. But thanks to Pinterest and Google, I found a recipe for...wait for it...whole wheat carrot pancakes. Whole wheat flour. Cinnamon. Applesauce instead of using oil. Maple syrup in lieu of sugar. Shredded carrots (when I get married, I will have a carrot cake wedding cake...seriously! Love me some carrots). Healthy-ish AND yummy sounding.

::insert Hallelujah Chorus::

Hello, breakfast! I tweaked the recipe a bit by using shredded carrot, zucchinni AND apple.. I also added some pumpkin pie spice and a dash of vanilla. When it came time to inhale, I mean, eat them, I used real maple syrup instead of pancake syrup. Not the sweet-ish pancakes on the block, but in all...yummy. And filling!

My pancake flipping skills need some work, that is for sure. I made the full recipe so I could freeze leftovers for the work week. Yum ya yum yum yum. I might just go into a food coma now. ;0)

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