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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Pillowcase Dresses

Mylinh and I decided to make pillowcase dresses for the two 2 year olds in our lives
(BabyGirl and "I").
My machine was still in the shop at the time but My graciously offered to let me use hers!
It was a bit strange to use a "newfangled" machine but it did the job nicely. My even gave me a tutorial on bias tape making...and she has a short cut way of doing it to save a bunch of time (having to sew all of those bias strips together--ugh!).
We used a pattern called "The Betsy Dress". Just google "Pillowcase Dress" and you'll find a number of patterns. You could even just use a nice pillowcase, and save some sewing time.  You can also just use pre-made/bought bias tape.
I chose DARLING and I and I mean cute cute cute elephant fabric. Sigh. With a teal/grey floral fabric to compliment it.

Alas, however, I'd forgotten about a genetic predisposition of elephant phobia (I's mama was afraid of a pink elephant birthday cake once upon a time!).
It took several weeks for I to act willingly wear the dress.
Totally cute, if I do say so myself!
Though I will say, her expression is rather revealing. Clearly, she tolerates elephants but does not love them. LOL
Check out her reaction to her new Elmo doll (crocheted with love by her Auntie Way Way):

Yep, that's Elmo love right there. The elephants, well, not so much.
What is an auntie to do???
Actually I went out and bought some Elmo fabric, determined to make a garment that she will like!
I've made several other pillowcase dresses since. They are really quite quick to whip up.
Here I stuck with the elephant theme, but went for store bought bias tape.
And here'a a cutie waiting to be sent out. The best thing about these dresses is that they can be worn over a shirt and leggings for cold weather. They can even be turned into shirts. They are very giving and flexible. "I" won't out grow hers for quite a while. Maybe she'll learn to like elephants a little more between now and then!
Until next time, happy crafting!