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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Tick Tock Tick Tock, Baby Mama's Ready to Pop!


The craft desk looks ready to explode, doesn't it!? La Princessa doesn't want any of it to much stuff to get into!

I did a good job of spacing out the crafty over on the weekends over the month prior to the shower. I even wrapped up some blankets and onsies to look like cupcakes just for the fun of it.

My wonderfully sweet co-hostess took care of buying favors, game gifts and all of the tableware/napkins/plates/etc. The only thing I couldn't decide on until last minute were the games. The internet provided some great ideas, I just was waiting to find out the total head count and also get a feel for the atmosphere the shower would have. You are never quite sure of how something will go over until you are in the moment.

The day of the shower dawned and it was a delight. Baby Mama MADE the cupcakes for her own shower (and provided both the locale and the food).

Here's some pics of Mama and I with her furry babies (omgosh cuteness!) ...

...and a shot of her with the cohostess, her amazing sister-in-law.

The shower was a success, the games were fun and entertaining and Mama got lots of lovely gifts (here's one with the blanket I knitted for my honorary nephew).

It's always a nice feeling when an event is done just because there is that sense of completion but it was such a joy to plan and put on, the only thing I was glad for after was to put my feet up for a bit. Well...put them up AFTER I  had a little fun at the nearby Joann's, of course.

A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do, right?! ;0)

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